Recognizing the role of human resources as a crucial business partner to any company, we aim to establish a relationship with your organization and in close cooperation challenge the past practices and achieve the desired improvements.

Our Executive Search experience includes assignments of recruiting the top level professionals and mid-level managers, in addition to search and selection of financial, accounting, sales, marketing, technical and IT staff.

We offer you the assistance in process of search for high caliber professionals and sensitive procedure of selecting the most suitable candidate to fit your organization’s needs:

Working closely with you in order to ensure the full understanding of your organizational structure, corporate culture and strategic goals
Applying tested methodologies and appropriate tools, adopted to serve the specific needs of the industries
Applying project management techniques to ensure completion within set deadlines
Conducting the thorough market research and targeting the appropriate professionals




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Emerging Markets

In the times of continuous and swift change, organizations are recognizing that the only stabile source of competitive advantage is their human capital. A clear need for new human resource vision calls for immediate action in establishing and implementing your human resource strategy.

Our recent development includes strong presence and recruitment assignments in the region of Middle East and East European countries.

We provide consulting advice on all human resource challenges your organization faces, with clear focus on finding practical solutions, and strong emphasis on their implementation. We believe that our role is not only to provide you with the developed system, but also take an active part in providing you with the necessary dynamics to facilitate the successful implementation of your vision by offering specifically structured methodologies.